■how to apply





​❹ ご請求書受領後、7営業日内にお支払い。


​❺ 契約完了!!(残金のお支払いは会期1週間前までに)

​❶ 「APPLY」からフォームに必要事項を入力後、送信。

​❷ 内覧の日程を決める。(予約制)

​❸ 内覧にお越しいただく。












​❶ Submit application from "APPLY".  

* After reviewing application, gallery staff will contact back within 3 business days.


* In case of a successful application, artist will receive the gallery usage regulations. 

​❷ Set gallery preview date. (reservation only) 

​❸ Preview gallery. 

❹ Fulfill payment within 7 business days after receiving invoice.  (*50% of usage fee to be paid via bank transfer, credit card, or by cash.)

* gallery will contact back as soon as payment is confirmed. 

​❺ Contract closed!!  
(*remaining 50% to be paid before 7 days prior to the exhibition.)

【Tentative Reservations】
- Artist may reserve the gallery calendar, as a tentative reservation, for 7 days.



- If the artist can not decide usage of the gallery space on the 7th day after making the tentative reservation, the gallery may cancel the tentative reservation. 



- In case gallery is requested from a different artist to use the gallery during the tentatively reserved dates, gallery will contact artist. 



- If the artist cannot decide whether to use or not the gallery on the 7th day, the next artist will be eligible to tentatively reserve those dates.