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田部 純 個展『Thailand』

Jun Tabe solo exhibition "Thailand"


2019年08月19日(月)〜  2019年08月25日(日)




〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布2-7-5 ハウス西麻布4F


田部 純(たべ・じゅん)



In a world bombarded with things trying to get our attention, it’s easy to take moments for granted. As I walked through the streets of Thailand, I was consumed by the act of taking what’s ordinary and showcasing that it’s truly extraordinary… or at least wonderful. I wasn’t consciously seeking for these moments. Whether it was the food markets, Thai Buddhist art, monks in their bright orange robes, Thai women in their traditional clothing, the instinct as to when to encapsulate this beautiful culture and place into separate photographs seemed to hit me like an unconscious nudge. It was thrilling to experience Thailand, from the beaches down South, to the busy streets of Bangkok, to the mountains and historical temples in Chiang Mai, to the unforgettable, small, semi-rural city known as Phrae. It is now my pleasure to display some of these sincere moments from this colorful world.